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We respect your decision to unsubscribe from receiving Your Neighbor Magazine but we’d like to remind you that the businesses in our publication are locally owned and operated. Hundreds of companies and thousands of local employees depend on our publication to advertise their goods and services. Using the businesses in Your Neighbor Magazine helps support and stimulate the local economy.

To unsubscribe from Your Neighbor Magazine lists, you may use the form below. Please note that this will only unsubscribe you from mail lists that Your Neighbor Magazine directly controls.

For consumers who wish to reduce the overall volume of promotional prospect mail offers received from common mailing lists, you may register, along with a nominal processing fee with https://DMAchoice.org. Your registration on this mail suppression file is effective for 10 years.

Online registration: $2 fee for online processing
Mail-in registration: $3 fee, submit check or money order payable to ANA no cash, certified or registered mail:

DMAchoice Consumer Preferences
P.O. Box 900
Cos Cob, CT 06807

This service will not eliminate all promotional mail. It does not apply to promotional mail from companies or organizations that consumers have an existing business relationship. It also does not apply to local retailers, restaurants, and political organizations. This suppression service is expected to reduce the overall volume of prospect promotional offers received by about 80%. (ANA is not the source of consumer names for marketing purposes. It offers this mail suppression service to assist consumers in managing your marketing preferences.)

Resident mailings: If the mailings are addressed to “Current Resident” then this type of mailing you are getting directly from the USPS called “Every Door Direct Mail.” This service -- EDDM -- is provided by the United States Postal Service and local companies the USPS partners with to deliver mail to local zip codes. The Every Door Direct Mail is used for particular zip codes, not individual addresses, so your opt-out for your own address on DMAchoice will not work for this product by the USPS. You can check in with your local Post Office to see if they will honor your request to opt-out, but since this is for “every door” locally, the local Post Office cannot process that request easily since the local carrier would have to extract your mail piece from the prepared stack of mailings for the EDDM going to your zip code. Here is the page for EDDM: https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm. Please speak to your local Post Office to raise your concerns.

Your Neighbor Magazine Opt-Out

Your Neighbor Magazine Opt-Out