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Become a Your Neighbor Magazine® Franchisee - Be Your Own Boss. Own Your Own Business.

Company Profile: Your Neighbor Magazine has 30 years invested in creating the industry-leading local coupon magazine for the Denver Metro-area. The company concept is simple–create a five-mile radius of advertising opportunities for businesses and residents to connect to one another through the distribution of a glossy, four-color magazine mailed to over 40,000 specific residents monthly.

Location: Various and specifically-targeted areas are available for franchisee ownership. Please review our coverage maps below for your specific location.

Key Advantage: With a low franchise fee and an established brand, Your Neighbor Magazine® is simply one of the greatest ways to establish a business of your own. Our management team will see to your success because we believe in the “Your Neighbor” philosophy.

Training: Market Development, Inc. provides the necessary and ongoing one-on-one consultation which covers the process from start to finish. From your first sales call to your initial mailing, we’ll be at your side.

Experience Required: If you have experience in sales, management or advertising and strong interpersonal skills, together we will translate that into a business success all your own.

Founded: Sue Cortese, created Market Development, Inc. in 1982, with coupon publication operations underway in 1991. Your Neighbor Magazine® became a franchised business opportunity in 2002.

Initial Investment: Your Neighbor Magazine® has a low introductory franchise fee, with a manageable risk factor, that varies depending upon the territorial rights purchased. Start small, start big… the decision is yours. Your success is our commitment.

The worst thing you can do with a great opportunity is ignore it!

What’s in it for you is the opportunity to own your own business, be your own boss, and be guided by a clear comprehensive publishing system that helps you produce a powerful marketing tool for businesses in your community. If you're good with people, ideas, and think creative, you will love what you will do in our business.

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Send us your name and email address. We’ll get back to you right away!

Send us your name and email address. We’ll get back to you right away!